Active Projects

All MDST members are responsible for the production of well-validated and reproducible science, technology, and consulting products of legacy quality. Any undergraduate student, graduate student, post-doc, and research scientist at the University of Michigan is welcome to enter the group and participate in MDST projects. However, privileged access to MDST resources will be granted to active members who follow the guidelines listed in the MDST Project Policy notebook.

For projects that involve academic research publications, we have additional guidelines. These are listed in the MDST Publication Policy notebook.

To confirm that you have read and understand these guidelines, each member of the MDST who participates in these projects must read and agree to them when they sign up for MDST.

MDST Project Policy Notebook

MDST Publication Policy Notebook

Please contact EC if you have any questions about this policy, or about whether your work may violate these terms.