Krishna Garikipati

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Department of Mathematics

Director, Michigan Institute for Computational Discovery & Engineering (MICDE)

krishna at umich dot edu


I am a computational scientist focusing on the development of scientific machine learning and methods for data-driven computational science. My work draws upon nonlinear physics, applied mathematics and numerical methods. I have worked for quite a few years in mathematical biology, biophysics and materials physics. Some specific problems that I have been thinking about recently are: (1) mathematical models of patterning and morphogenesis in developmental biology, (2) scale bridging using scientific machine learning, (3) using machine learning and graph-based methods to solve partial differential equations, (4) mechano-chemically driven phenomena in materials, such as phase transformations, electro-chemo-thermo-mechanics and the like, motivated by materials for batteries, electronics and structural alloys. For more details follow the link below to my group's home page.

Honors and awards

  • Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship, 2005-2006

  • Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, 2004

  • Department of Energy Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, 2004

Courses: open access and on-campus

On May 2 2017, we launched our second Massively Open Online Class: Introduction to Continuum Physics on the edX platform. Try out its novel "collaboration in the Cloud" feature for continuum physics assignment problems!

On December 5 2016, we relaunched a Massively Open Online Class on Finite Element Methods on the Coursera platform. Take a look!

Coming soon: A third MOOC on Advanced Continuum Physics, also on EdX.

Here are links to two series of recorded lectures that are openly available, and are being updated on a regular basis:

Classes that I either commonly teach or have taught at University of Michigan

  • ME605: Advanced Finite Element Methods (advanced graduate level)

  • ME599: Multiphysics Phenomena at Microscales (rarely offered, advanced graduate)

  • ME511: Theory of Solid Continua (Continuum Mechanics, entry-level graduate)

  • ME505: Finite Element Methods (entry-level graduate)

  • ME382: Mechanical Behavior of Materials (junior year)

Editorships and leadership in the academic community

  • Academic Editor, PLOS ONE

  • Member of the Executive Committee of the US National Association for Computational Mechanics (USACM)