"I look at pretty pictures of space to figure out what the Universe is made of"


I'm an Associate Professor at the University of Michigan Department of Astronomy. My research focuses on observational studies of strong lensing galaxy clusters, determining their mass distributions, and using them as cosmic telescopes to study the background Universe. 

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As of Fall 2022, I am a designated IRO and obligated to report misconduct that is brought to my attention as listed below.

Under the university’s Interim Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct Policy, people in certain roles are considered “Individuals with Reporting Obligations” (IROs) and are required to report suspected Prohibited Conduct to the Office for Institutional Equity.

I am very excited to be  in some of the first few teams to be using JWST and can't wait to see what it tells us about the Universe! 

SMACS 0723 was the first JWST image released to the public in July 2022. It was an absolute joy to see these data for the first time, especially for a target that I previously analyzed using HST data. We continue to investigate these amazing data to learn more about the Universe. 

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University of Michigan, Astronomy Department 

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E-Mail: kerens @ umich.edu