Jenny Calahan

Hello! My name is Jenny Calahan and I am currently a second year astronomy graduate student at the University of Michigan.

As an undergraduate of the University of Arizona, I graduated with a double major in physics and astronomy with honors and was named Most Outstanding Senior of the College of Science. I also was named the Most Outstanding Senior and given the Excellence in Research Award from the UA astronomy department for my academic record and research experience. My work was further recognized by the National Science Foundation as I was named a NSF Graduate Research Fellow and by NASA with the FINESST Award.

My research interests are in protoplanetary disks and star formation. I hope to finish my Ph D here at Michigan by becoming an expert in astrochemistry and disk environments. My main work at the U of A was in understanding massive star formation. I have done observational and theory work and observed with radio and infrared wavelengths. Astronomy is a world-wide community, so traveling and connecting with astronomers across the country and across the world is very important to me. Outside of Arizona, I have done research at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, the Australian National University, and Leiden University in the Netherlands. Check out the 'Research' tab for more details.

I also have devoted much of my time to outreach and education. Research is what defines me as an astronomer, but if I don't share my passion for my science with others, then I can't call myself a true astronomer. As an undergrad I was an active teacher and mentor in and around the Tucson community. Currently, I am an astrobites writer where I summarize academic journal articles into a more accessible medium. And for the Ann Arbor community, I was a coach for the local Science Olympiad team helping with student's knowledge on the solar system, and I'm leading the charge for bringing Astronomy on Tap back to this community. For more, check out my 'Outreach' tab.

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I love my science and I love talking about my science. Feel free to reach out to me at: