Jagadeesh Sivadasan

Area Chair, Business Economics and Public Policy

Professor, Buzz and Judy Newton Professor of Business Administration

Faculty Associate, Institute of Social Research

Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

Jagadeesh Sivadasan is the Buzz and Judy Newton Professor of Business Administration, and Area Chair for the Business Economics and Public Policy group of the Ross School of Business, and a faculty associate at the Institute of Social Research, at the University of Michigan. His recent research is focused on understanding the drivers of firm growth and productivity, and worker performance and mobility.  Ongoing and recent work include analysis of the effect of commute improvement on worker performance, review of the recent evolution of the retail sector in the US,  analysis of firm growth patterns using a novel decomposition and data on the universe of US employers, evaluation of frictions from acquisitions-related legal doctrine on firm dynamics, and examination of the effect of non-compete laws on worker mobility. 

Jagadeesh teaches the core applied microeconomics course in the full-time and executive MBA programs. His MBA elective course, Incentives and Productivity, presents an economics-grounded approach to human capital management. He has also taught in the PhD program at Ross. Jagadeesh has served as the director of the FTMBA program, and currently serves as the chairperson of the Business Economics and Public Policy group.  He was the recipient of the 2018 Victor L Bernard Teaching Leadership award, and the 2019 Ross School of Business Neary Teaching Excellence Award (from the FTMBA class of 2019).

Jagadeesh is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore, where he completed a PGDM after a BTech at IIT Madras. He then worked as a Senior Consultant at Arthur Andersen, before completing PhD from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.