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We understand using a new form can be confusing. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any issues or questions!


To make it easier to change your personal data, we are retiring the old Address/Personal Data paper form, and introducing our new eForm! The new interactive smart eForm guides you through exact steps you need to take depending on the type of personal data you need to change.


-If you are a current student and need to update any personal information, please visit the Registrar's Office.

-If you are a retiree, non-employee, or remote employee please do NOT fill out the eForm: Contact our Customer Care Team to process your request.

Customer Care Team: 734-615-2000 press 1, press 1


+ Decreased risk of sensitive data traveling through regular mail

+ Optimized self service

+ Citizenship/Visa changes synchronized with I-9 Form recertification

+ Easier, intuitive data entry

+ Quicker service turn around

What Do I Need To Do?

Simply use the new Personal Data Changes eForm, following directions based on the selections you make.

Note: If you are making changes to your name, social security number, birth date, citizenship or visa status, or gender, you will need to complete the Personal Data Validation Form, which will guide you through the steps and documents you need, and combines the additional step needed in directing you to one of our regional I-9 centers to update your I-9 Form.

What to expect when using the Personal Data Changes eForm

In order to prepare filling out the Personal Data Changes eForm, check out the handy chart below. This will help you understand where you will be directed, and what documentation you will need to have ready.