Human Behavior and Forest Change

Our research group focuses on how people change their behavior in response to environmental change, specifically in forest ecosystems.

Our primary goal is to increase scientific understanding of human behavior as it relates to the environmental sustainability and adaptation to climate change.

We investigate factors that enable and constrain individual and collective management of forests for sustainability and adaptation, drawing on theories from the social-psychology, sociology, and human geography and using mixed methods approaches.

We collaborate with researchers from diverse disciplines using a broad range of analytical approaches and strive to address problems of concern to policy makers, planners and land managers.

Current Research Projects:

Research Topics

  • Human adaptation to climate change

  • Forest management behavior

  • Social-ecological systems

  • Landscape management and conservation

  • Private forest and woodland owners

Research Methods

  • Individual and focus group interviewing and qualitative data analysis

  • Mail and web survey data collection and analysis

  • Social network analysis