Founded in Fall of 2017, Engaging Scientists in Policy and Advocacy (ESPA) aims to promote the participation of scientists in policy and advocacy. We are an interdisciplinary group of undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, faculty, and staff at the University of Michigan, ranging from biomedical science to environmental science to health and public policy. The goals of this group is to provide training and implementation for two skills:

1. Effective science advocacy and communication

2. Comprehension and analysis of science policy

Both of the above skills are vital for the professional development of aspiring science policy professionals, as well as the engagement of scientists as public citizens. Additionally, many of our events help members engage with the public and government, providing valuable opportunities to build trust in scientists and science.

We work closely with the 314 Action University of Michigan Chapter, an undergraduate group aiming to increase scientific participation in voting, politics, and policy.

ESPA is funded as a Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop and a member of NSPN and UCS Allied Groups