Hello and welcome to EquilibriUM, a project through the University of Michigan's Michigan Science Writers.

EquilibriUM will be a printed magazine featuring content from across STEAM, but we'll have additional online content too including biosketches of contributors, blog posts regarding updates, resources, and more!

Keep checking back for more as we get everything set up, read more about our goals, and feel free to reach out to us!

What a cool feature

Selections have been made: we'll have a total of 10 amazing feature pieces! We're excited to share them with you soon.


Now that we have our pieces selected, we know how long our magazine will be - 28 pages! Just have to find someone to print it for us so we are getting quotes from local printing companies in Michigan!

Cover art contest

Have an idea for a STEAM cover for EquilibriUM? Submit it by December 20th to be considered! The winner will receive a monetary prize.

Getting STEAM-y in here

Science, technology, engineering, and medicine - where does art play into the mix? These hard sciences use design, language arts (communication), and history &/or culture to set up context and share the challenges involved in STEM. Including these components makes each study more holistic, integrated, and fascinating. Our magazine hopes to highlight these interfaces.

Where would you pick-up a magazine?

Coffee shop?

UMich Newsstand?

Subscribe/by Mail?

We aren't sure where to distribute our magazines! Let us know how we can get our product to you!

Science for all ages

By including a Kids Corner in our magazine, we want to bring fun experiments to little hands. What about the world fascinated you when you were young? Remember any activities from elementary classrooms? Share your activities and experiences with us!

Print media's not dead

People still buy from physical bookshops and read proper print media rather than online content, according to this survey!