Creative practice

Creative Practice Workgroup

The Creative Practice Workgroup is a collaboration between University of Michigan graduate students in the School of Art & Design and the School of Music, Theater and Dance. The goal is to bring together students from different schools and departments who are engaged in art making to discuss professional practices, provide critical feedback and increase exposure for these students and their creative work.

The Creative Practice Workgroup holds monthly meetings for core members in which students will present their creative work and attend workshops on professional practices. Core members include MFA students from Art & Design, Dance and Media Arts in their thesis (final) year. In addition, the Creative Practice Workgroup invite guests such as museum curators and arts writers to present their work and meet with students individually to provide professional feedback and constructive criticism.

Graduate students and faculty in any program who are engaged in creative work are invited to participate in events such as working groups, visiting critics/artist lectures, panel presentations, and discussions.