Betsy Q. Cliff

Doctoral Candidate in health services research with economics concentration

Department of Health Management and Policy

University of Michigan School of Public Health

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Twitter: @betsyqcliff

My research focuses on understanding the effects of cost-sharing structure in health insurance design and the use of consumerism to drive efficiency in the health system. I have used both quantitative and qualitative methods in my research, though primarily focus on using econometric techniques to identify relevant policy effects. Specifically, I have published and presented on value-based insurance design, high-deductible health plans, cost-sharing in Medicaid, and the effects of price transparency initiatives. My work informs the ongoing effort to mitigate health care spending at the national level and improve affordability for individual families.

  • Published Work

Cliff EQ, Krenz C, West BT, Levy H, Fendrick AM, Winkelman T, So J, Fagerlin A, Kullgren JT. “Attitudes about Value-Conscious Consumer Strategies among Americans in High-Deductible Health Plans.” Medical Care, forthcoming.

Kullgren JT, Cliff EQ, Krenz C, West BT, Levy H, Fendrick AM, Fagerlin A. Consumer Behaviors Among Individuals Enrolled in High-Deductible Health Plans in the United States. JAMA Internal Medicine. 2018 Mar 1;178(3):424-6. (link)

Cliff EQ, Fendrick AM. "Clinically nuanced" Medicaid cost-sharing. Journal of medical economics. 2017 Oct 21:1. (link)

Hirth RA, Cliff EQ, Gibson TB, McKellar MR, Fendrick AM. Connecticut’s value-based insurance plan increased the use of targeted services and medication adherence. Health Affairs. 2016 Apr 1;35(4):637-46. (link)

  • Manuscripts in Progress

Cliff EQ, Miller S, Hirth RA, Kullgren JT, Ayanian JZ. “Price Sensitivity in Medicaid: Evidence from Discontinuous Program Rules.” Manuscript preparation in progress.

Cliff EQ, Townsend T, Wolfson JA. “Baby Bump: Examining Household Trends in Produce Purchases Among New Parents.” Under review.

Kullgren JT, Cliff EQ, Krenz C, West BT, Levy H, Fendrick AM, Fagerlin A. “What New Strategies Could Help Patients Be More Discerning Health Care Consumers? Evidence from a National Survey of Americans in High-Deductible Health Plans.” Under review.

Cliff, EQ, Hirth, RA, Fendrick, AM. “Potential Spillover Effects from Consumer-based Interventions to Increase High-Value Service Use.” Under review.

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