An image of a mug, with "equitea" printed on it



Equi-tea is a monthly meeting to discuss topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (like astro-coffee, only once a month, on subjects relating to our community, and with cookies). Meetings will take place usually the last Friday of each month right before the department's usual tea time. All are welcomed. The format will be very similar to astro-coffee, typically with a paper/study to be presented and discussed.

  • Paper/topic ideas can be found here

We hope to have a healthy and equitable discussion climate. Topics that will be discussed in Equi-tea may cause discomfort, and we ask that you pay attention to these ground rules:

  1. This is a space for everyone to learn and grow!
  2. We will work together to prioritize the voices and needs of the most vulnerable in any given conversation.
  3. Disagree with ideas, not people; use "I" statements to speak from your personal perspective, rather than making generalizations.
  4. Be conscious of how much space you're taking up in a conversation; be extra conscious if you hold a privileged or dominant identity when discussing a form of inequality or oppression.
  5. Avoid playing devil’s advocate: specifically, do not argue for contrarian positions that you do not actually hold.