I'm recruiting!

I’m recruiting PhD students to work with me at UMSI! Check out some of my research projects, and contact me if you’re interested.

PhD students will be admitted through the School of Information; applications are due December 1. I’m looking for 1-2 PhD students who are interested in things like:

  • scientific data curation and digital collections
  • metadata and data interoperability
  • information organization, information modeling
  • CSCW in research and LAM contexts.

Email me (athomer@umich.edu) if you want to chat about research opportunities!

I'm hiring!

I have 1-2 open positions for research assistants starting in January 2019 (or earlier if available). I am primarily recruiting for the Migrating Research Data Collections project, but may have work on other projects as experience/interest/time permits.

The Migrating Research Data Collection project is an IMLS-funded initiative developing investigating common practices in data and database migration. This year, we will be conducting semi-structured interviews with data and collections managers at 3 natural history museums to better understand how they have migrated and managed their digital data collections over their history. We will also begin drafting a set of best practices in migrating data collections, and an initial model of common “migration patterns” in data collection migration (AKA typical challenges/tasks, and strategies for surmounting those challenges/tasks).

Tasks of research assistants include:

● Scheduling and coordinating interviews with study participants

● Drafting interview protocols and conducting interviews

● Analyze and manage interview data

● attend lab meetings

● read and discuss relevant research literature

● help out with other research tasks, including proofreading, planning and conducting user studies, making videos.

As a research assistant you will work closely with Professor Thomer. You would commit ~10 hours a week at $14-18 per hour rate. You would spend about 1/2 of that time working independently, and the other 1/2 attending lab meetings or conducting research at various sites with Professor Thomer. There may be some travel to sites outside of U-M. Some experience with qualitative research and databases or digital curation is preferred. This project will provide you valuable experience conducting user studies and interviews and developing digital curation best practices; you will also have the opportunity to author and publish academic articles on your work.

To apply, send an email with your CV and a short cover letter directly to athomer@umich.edu. Decisions will be made by the end of December, though students are encouraged to apply ASAP, especially if they are interested in beginning work before Winter semester.