Adar Research Group

Does what we breathe influence our health? How does long-term exposure to pollution influence our brains and ability to age healthy? Are kids riding newer school buses with lower air pollution emissions less likely to be absent than those riding dirtier, older buses? Can we improve health in seniors living near big roads by installing air purifiers in their homes? What are the impacts of household burning of biomass on health in developing countries? 

These are just a few of the types of questions being addressed by the Adar Research Group.

The primary mission of our multi-disciplinary team is to use modern principles of epidemiology, environmental health, exposure science, and biostatistics to characterize the impacts of air pollution and noise on human health.  We also have a growing emphasis on generating evidence-based research on the effectiveness of interventions to reduce exposures to hazardous environmental contaminants and improve health.

The Adar Research Group enjoys team members who are inquisitive, creative, collaborative, and collegial. We firmly believe that, when done well, science has important role to play in improving public health. We are also committed to education and make it a priority to broaden our own knowledge and that of trainees.  Finally, while our group has a strong work ethic, we know that a full life includes fun and family too. 

We invite you to contact us if you are interested in collaborating or want to talk science!  

Contact Information:

University of Michigan School of Public Health, Department of Epidemiology

Sara D. Adar                                                   Associate Professor of Epidemiology

Associate Chair of the Department of Epidemiology

Director of Doctoral Program of the Department of Epidemiology

Email:                                            Phone: 734-615-9207

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