BME 3D Fab Lab

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Welcome to the new 3D fabrication lab!

We are located in the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Biomedical Engineering building (LBME), Rm 1230

Please check the Fab Lab open hours to schedule your print.

Sign up for either FDM Training or SLA Training before using the printers.


1. Attend Training

2. Sign up for printing times during open hours (click here)

3. Go through the 3D printing & prototyping process.

To view 3D printers in this lab (click here)

3D Printing allows for the creation of physical objects from 3D computer models.

The BME3DFL contains several commercial-grade printers for use by BME students, staff, and faculty. The goal of the lab is to provide the BME community with access to 3D printers and experience with additive manufacturing. The lab has a small staff to assist you with your projects, but is designed as an experiential space where users take responsibility for their prints.

Please review the BME3DFL Policies and Guidelines before you get started.