Maintenance Mode

The vSmith Portal is currently offline for critical maintenance and security upgrades. This page tells you how to access all your normal vSmith Applications and Desktops directly from the VMware Horizon client.

Open the VMware Horizon Client from the Start menu (if you are using Windows) or from Finder (if you are using a Mac). When the client opens, double-click the server listed. If you can't see a server, click the Add Server button and enter and click Connect

Note: If you do not have the Horizon client installed, you can download it from here , and if you are prompted to enter a server name use

You will then see the login window, type in your University Directory ID (e.g. jsmith127) and password. This is the same information you use to login to other University systems such as Canvas, ARES, Testudo etc.

You will then be shown all the applications and/or desktops that you are entitled to use. Double-click the vSmith application or desktop of your choice and it will open as it would normally and you can begin using it.

There were some links on the vSmith portal that were shortcuts to some useful websites. Those links are not available in the Horizon Client so they are placed below for your convenience:
Office 365 Install:
Office 365 Virtual Desktop:
VBIC - Virtual Business Info Center:

We appreciate your patience while we work through the patching and updating the vSmith portal to better serve the community.