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Our NSF-funded project develops a partnership between language researchers and Planet Word to advance research and public understanding about the science of language. 

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During certain museum hours (most Sundays from 11am-2pm), visit the Language Science Station at Planet Word! Check our social media for updates.

A Language Science Station research assistant stands in front of the Spoken Word exhibit holding an iPad and facing two participants. The participants are holding an iPad each and doing a language science study.
Two Language Science Station research assistants sit at a table with two child participants. They are facing a laptop while participating in a language science study. There is signage and handouts on the table. A banner stands behind the table with the words "Participate in scientific research about language here!"
A Language Science Station research assistant kneels between two children sitting in chairs. The research assistant holds a blue and white tablet while angling it towards the child on the right. The child on the left is holding and using a blue and white tablet while they participate in a language science study.

Unlike other scientific fields with dedicated primary school curricula and informal learning institutions, the science of language has been largely absent from the public stage. That said, many people have a natural curiosity about language. 

Planet Word is an innovative new museum that aims to inspire and excite visitors of all ages through immersive experiences around words and language spanning the sciences, arts, humor, civic engagement, and more. This makes it an exciting place for language researchers to connect with visitors in fun and unexpected ways. 

Our language research laboratory, the Language Science Station, invites Planet Word visitors to contribute to science and to have conversations about language with budding language scientists. 

Explore our site to learn more about the project's goals, about our project team, or about what we do at Planet Word.

University of Maryland | Howard University | Gallaudet University

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