Oguz Gencay

Ph.D. Candidate of Organizational Behavior

Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland

Nice to Meet You!

Welcome! I am Oguz Gencay, a Ph.D. candidate in Organizational Behavior, where I study music at work and prosocial hierarchies. Specifically, I seek to understand: 

I adopt a multi-method approach, utilizing multi-source field studies, innovative & robust experiments, and archival/secondary data. 

Before embarking on the Ph.D. journey, I earned my B.S. in Business Administration at Middle East Technical University (along with a minor in Computer Engineering, and a year of study abroad at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business) and M.S. in Management at Bogazici University. 

Prior to pursuing an academic career, I worked as a process analyst, senior developer, and strategy & business development manager in digital tranformation functions in various sectors, such as banking, telecommunication, insurance, etc. 

Outside of academic interests, I enjoy various sports (tennis, badminton, cornhole, etc.), playing and listening to music, reading, traveling, and road trips.

Let's connect! Email: oguz@umd.edu