Leaders Hive

One relationship can make all the difference...

The Leaders Hive program is to develop relationships among camp and retreat leaders with the purpose of growth and transformational leadership. These intentional relationships strengthen leaders’ abilities to reach goals and be effective in their ministries.

In the Leaders Hive you can ...
-make significant changes
-make better decisions
-grow spiritually
-become more financially stable
-improve relationships
-be a better leader
-reduce stress/simplify life
-address transitions in location and/or employment

We are all in this together!

Now more than ever, it is easy to lose sight of why you got into Camp/Retreat Ministry. Tighter budgets, less resource availability, and constant staffing issues are the order of the day. Perhaps the joy that came with the ministry has diminished and burnout is seeping in. Having a friend to talk with, an advisor to bounce ideas off of, or finding a partner to help solve the unique problems camp directors and staff must face can help us rekindle the joy and renew our sense of purpose. We are indeed all in this together, and our experience and devotion, with God's grace, will help us not only survive but succeed.

A small group of mentors, coaches, and collaborators is available to you, ready to listen, in a time frame that works for you. With over 100+ collective years of camp/retreat ministry, we are here to walk with you as you find your path to the future. By selecting one of the four areas listed, you will find compassion, expertise, inspiration, and, more importantly, a friend in ministry.

The four options below have been identified as key ways to support leaders. You might find a need for all four, or concentrate for a season on a single aspect. Explore the connecting opportunities below and see what's calling to you in this season.

Find support with a coach in an individual or small group setting. Coaching will help you discover your path and action steps toward reaching specific goals.

Find guidance through the wisdom of experienced camp and retreat leaders.

Find a companion to walk with you on the path toward finding or affirming your faith journey.

Find friendship and growth among like-minded, fellow camp and retreat leaders in a small group setting.

Need immediate assistance?

For urgent leadership and spiritual support, call the Leaders Hive Support Line - 724-766-9783

  • The Leaders Hive Support line will connect you with someone to listen to your urgent situation and either provide direct support or direct you to resources and people who can help.

For camp crisis, call the ACA Camp Crisis Hotline - 800-573-9019

  • The ACA Camp Crisis Hotline is a 24-hour a day service. The Hotline serves as a resource for camps in a crisis and provides callers the opportunity to talk through their crises with a trained third party. You do not need to be an ACA member camp to use this resource. While the hotline is not a medical nor legal "expert" call line it can help you think through your issues and discuss options.

Interested in becoming a UMCRM coach, mentor, ILG group leader, or spiritual director?

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