International Students’ Workshop on Smart Computing

SmartStudents 2019 | Washington DC, USA

Call for papers -

SmartStudents provides a unique venue for students around the world to discuss, present, and share research ideas within the domain of smart computing. The first workshop of its kind, SmartStudents aims to foster early-career development among students and expose them to the workings of academic research, all within a non-imposing environment run by fellow students. We understand as students ourselves that academic conferences and workshops can often be overwhelming for first-time presenters and attendees. With the SmartStudents initiative, we hope to promote an environment that is comfortable for not only first-time presenters, but seasoned students as well. SmartStudents is currently soliciting long (6 pages) and short (3 pages) papers from university students for inclusion in our proceedings. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

● Algorithms for smart computing paradigms

● AI and Machine learning applications for Smart Computing

● Big data analytics for Smart Computing

● Edge computing platforms and algorithms

● Cyber-physical System Platforms for Smart Environments

● Mobile and Ubiquitous Platforms for Smart Environments

● Security and Privacy in Smart Environments

Please contact Nilavra Pathak (nilavra1 [at], Sudip Mittal (smittal1 [at] or Brian Ricks (absolutefunk [at] for any queries.