U-Mass Amherst GIST Graduate Program

The Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST) concentration within the MS-Geography at the University of Massachusetts Amherst is an accelerated, one-year master’s program designed to provide a solid foundation and a useful degree credential in the field of geospatial technologies. 

Through rigorous coursework in Geographic Information Science (GIS), remote sensing (RS), and spatial modeling, highly- motivated students and professionals who complete this degree will emerge from the program with applied experience and a broad GIS skillset applicable towards diverse professional opportunities. This MS concentration will provide students with a background in the science, techniques, and application of geospatial skills that will enable them to embark on public and private sector careers or to undertake further studies in geography, planning, public policy, ecology, environmental science, and other fields. 

We've graduated over 70 alumni since 2018. We're biased, but we think you'll enjoy the program and, upon graduation, will be well prepared for a career in GIST or fields where GIST skills are an important asset.

We are always accepting applications to the program. While it helps us if you apply by March 1st, we strongly encourage you to apply after then as well!

Contact Dr. Forrest Bowlick with any and all questions you may have about the program!