Dual Play

Fight for TV? Why not Share it?

Dual Play makes sharing TV possible by allowing full screen display of two different visual contents, each can only be seen if wearing the corresponding glasses.

Same TV. Same Time. Through Different Glasses.

How Does the Magic Happen?


        • Screen contents of two independent iPads are sent to a laptop wirelessly via iOS's AirPlay feature.

Input Merging Software:

        • Our customized Python program that merges two input videos into one merged video, following the side-by-side format required by our 3D TV.
        • Program runs on the same laptop that is receiving screen contents from the iPads.
        • Process rate will be greater than the faster video stream, which is about 25.7 frames/sec.

Input Display on 3D TV:

        • Merged video is then displayed on polarized 3D TV through HDMI, and each side is transmitted through clockwise or counterclockwise polarization.

Merged Input Video Displayed on 3D TV

Special 3D TV Glasses:

        • Different from typical polarized 3D glasses, where the lenses filters different polarizations, our special 3D glasses have both lenses filtering the same polarized light.
        • Each pair of glasses can filter out one of the two sources.


        • Sounds for each input is directed to users by wireless headphones connected to each iPad.


        • A micro-controller, ATmega32, that connects to the laptop through ESP8266 WiFi module to change modes or switch sources using switches.
        • Modes: "single source" mode; "dual play" mode.
        • Functions: source switching in one source mode to display one source one or source two; source switching in dual play mode to switch the contents for the two viewers.
        • Video merging only happens in "dual play" mode.