In Environmental Open-Source GIS and remote sensing


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are powerful tools for the production, management, analysis, and visualization of multiple kinds of spatial data. It has a wide variety of applications in basic and applied research, as well as in the public and private administration. In the highly biodiverse regions of Latin America, GIS based analysis, which combines multiple layers of geolocated data (e.g. climate, vegetation, hydrology, soils, etc.) facilitates the understanding of complex environmental systems. Thus, GIS becomes an essential tool for all disciplines related to spatial practices, enabling a more sustainable management of natural ressources.

The field school aims to provide a solid basis on Open-Source GIS with an emphasis on satellite remote-sensing of the land using the QGIS open-source software. The course will also provide a wide overview for possible remote-sensing applications. The theorical portion of the course will be complemented with practical exercises and field work, as well as excursions to Leóns natural reserves.

General information:

Dates: 05 - 19 August 2017

Language: English/Spanish

Parque Central, León-Nicaragua

With the colaboration of: