“Come and see, all that exists in the world, exists for man, and everything exists for him, as it is written, ‘Then the Lord God formed man,’ with a full name, as we have established, that he is the whole of everything and contains everything, and all that is Above and below, etc., is included in that image.” The Zohar, Vayikra, Parashat Tazria, p 40,

Individualization involves collecting data about you. This data does not relate to your personal identification data, but rather to what's inside of you, to what you really are. Also, individualization is not a set of psychological tests. Collecting is done by completing forms and by taking interviews directly or even online, photos and movies about you are not excluded. The data will be retained by you according to our instructions.

We believe that what we call "word" has a personal impression for each one and he also has an effect on another word. Meanings of all words, or of the most important, or especially of the ”unspoken”, creates the world of each one, the world to which we relate first. In order to recreate in this stage, what we call the "soul", we consider every single person and the owner of a unique code of interpretation of his inner world. Individualization ends when the "inner world" can be reproduced. The inner world is inhabited by psychic structures, a kind of bots, which are in a permanent movement to what we call "universal-connection", to re-articulating the soul as a puzzle. The result is interpretable by software, which then generates reaction to the outside world. This inner movement and its interpretation, we call "ANIMATION."


than an album of photos and other memories from an event,

more than your own memories or others about you.

We have five "traditional" senses: Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell and Touch. I added a sixth, a sort of weight in the psychic (as an effect), a presence in all at the same time but, in concrete, in a certain position compared to the others, ubiquity named "U" or ”weight in psychic”. This is an average of the results generated by the other senses and determines the position of the corresponding psichic object. In the inner world, things have another dimension, one to call it sentimental (although the term I consider improper). The inner world is dynamic, but its movement basically follows a stable plan. The dynamics of the inner world are given by the interaction of the inner objects, the attitudes affixed to each internal object.

The big challenge in this connection is to succeed in describing a "feeling". But feeling is in a constantly changing and is it dynamic, and that's why it would be appropriate to talk about an average. An average over a certain period of time. Now, in the presence of a natural object, perceived by the senses as significant, the mind creates a kind a copy of it. This copy is like a concept that exists through feelings. (My English language needs to be improved) Each significant natural object will have a correspondent in psychic. For the construction of the correspondent I use the term "sense palette". I have to make everything possible to translate into computer language.

So the biological reaction to action on the sensors (seeing, hearing, taste, smell, touching) is a product of the unseen part of a body (psychic). The psychic has a structure of feelings, something that can not be felt by our senses. Psychic objects are what we call gereric, feelings. If we want to define a certain psychic, we will have to start by distinguishing its component parts, psychic objects. To do this I identified in social practice, 10 possible basic feelings. Every basic feeling I graduated conventionally on 10 levels of intensity. The 10 basic feelings I put in a "palette of sense" or "sense palette". The 10 basic feelings can be combined to form various concrete living, like the basic colors of a painter.

A living or psychic object, as a palette of sense, can be identified for each individual. Better identification requires the help of the person concerned. For a good identification of the psychic object, the person will be isolated and put forward with a "specialist" (though I think the operation can also be done automatically). A sequence of images, sounds, and other stimulus will be projected, and the person will identify his experience as his memory in relation to the object in front of him (eg a wall). The result will be archived. The operation is also called INDIVIDUALIZATION. After this stage is completed, the ANIMATION stage can be started.

img. source: Sense - Wikipedia

Whatever problems arise, its starting point remains the human mind. Also a certain person (animatologist) will have to oversee the mechanism of INDIVIDUALIZATION. In view of the above, starting with November 14, 2018, I will publish here a general method so that everyone, according to his power and his desire, for free, can make a profile of INDIVIDUALIZATION. The process will be performed and the data will be kept under his personal responsibility.

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