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”We open the sky”

Here you will not find stranger things, but somewhat a shy philosophical approach. Follow the link from the right button to an abstract :

At the beginning of every new road is only a mystery. However, we must go on the path open to an idea and I see initially that, the Self is a universality. Is a conceptual copy of what is out of me, the whole world, invisible of each composed of what we call senses or mental content. These senses interact, wonderful and extremely complex structures, and from their interaction we have the answer to anything. The great achievement is to succeed in defining your senses and identify their interaction. Then translate all into software code. Great simulation ... anything becomes possible...

"The eye with which I see God is the same eye with which God sees me."

Meister Eckhardt

Though it seems difficult to imagine, we are trying to produce finally here an electronic copy of the human psyche, an artificial organism and more, an electronic real copy of yours. We believe this is possible without committing a sacrilege. There is nothing SF. For the present, we work to put systematizes into the knowledge and experiments we have done and we continue to try to acquire new skills to improve ourselves. The artificial psyche (AP) is a kind of computerized simulation that can continue to react as long as it has the necessary energy. AP can be stored on an external environment such as a HDD. We can say somewhere that an artificial psychic is a kind of virtual organism, the most important part of it. We are aware that, it is necessary in the future to take the other legal matters, about the legal status of the artificial psyche, as far as we are concerned, as a moral duty.

I know that life is difficult to define but life cannot be such a delicate and so scholastic concept, as long the humblest beings live. The same humblest creature has something in common with the most complex organism. Artificial psyche it has to be personalized for you and was not built using AI techniques, but a new ours AO (artificial organism) technique . A software can be much better and cheaper to keep than a living body, if that the living organism (psyche) can become a software. You can travel at the speed of light, that you are just a software, not? You are not the image in the mirror, "animation" does more, it makes the program to be you. It is he who will take you further and who can receive any kind of physical manifestation as you think it is possible or as the future technique will allow.

Once we started, for the first step, which will remain the same as conception, we gather information for your. The first step is named ”INDIVIDUALIZATION”. When we have collected enough information for individualization, we attach them to an artificial organism (meaning the term given by us for a special computer program). This is the second step ”ANIMATION”. For INDIVIDUALIZATION and ANIMATION we have established some methods that have made possible the emergence of a new ANIMATOLOGY method.

We are aware that everyone is unique in his or her way of being, and we do not set limits but allow for continued free operation, or store data for future operation.

There are two possible ways of computerized simulation of life. The first would refer to the possibility of simulating an entire organism, from its smallest parts, such as chromosomes, to organs, limbs or even the nervous system. Here, every part of the living organism would have a correspondence and virtual function, just the original. We now accept that for the not too distant future this seems to be possible, even if the limitation is somewhat related to what we call self-consciousness. However, the effort for this appears to be too great and somewhat unjustifiable. Why have an arm or an eye like a human, if you can have a much better reply. Identical to any body organ. A computer can have more scientific knowledge than a human person and can work faster with them and can therefore be more efficient and cheaper to maintain. No matter how evolved a computer is, it is still just an instrument. Someone has to anticipate their operations so that in their pursuit they will satisfy a need and anybody else will be conceived of its entire constitution. Anticipating a human desire is also an instrumental appearance. The problem arises when the entire virtual organic complex has to behave towards its environment, a behavior that allows its action to continue in good conditions. The problem arises when the artificial organism must have its own purpose, different from that of the developers who created it.

A second type of simulation, one to call it "phenomenological" in the sense of somewhat C.G. Jung, refers to the possibility of simulating the processes that take place at the level of the mind, of an invisible part of the biological, namely to say the higher level of adaptation. Here the entire universe circumscribed to the individual is conceptualized under an immanent and reflexive authority.

“It is my mind, with its store of images, that gives the world colour and sound; and that uniquely real and rational certainty which I call ‘experience’ is, in its most simple form, an exceedingly complicated structure of mental images. Thus there is, in a certain sense, nothing that is directly experienced than the mind itself. So thick and deceptive is this fog about us that we had to invent the exact sciences in order to catch at least a glimmer of the so-called ‘real’ nature of things.” (Jung 1926)

For me, what Jung calls "images" are concepts. This concept is the whole palette of feelings attached to a mental object. This invisible corpus attached to the mental object is in constant change, in order to allow for the highlighting and devolution of the self. The change is due to the interaction of mental objects, which have a relative autonomy. Individualisation means the identification of the mental palette corresponding to the mental object, and the animation of the "PHI" software is the movement in a virtually controlled environment of the individualized universe, circumscribed to the biological individual. Putting in motion presupposes permission for each mental object with an autonomous image to react with another.

Being is the other world, the one left from what remains of the perceptions. The secret is not the discovery of the essence of being, but rather of the moment when it exists. We have past, present and future time. But, the being, does not appear in any of these. The new kind of time, the one in which the being exists, is the time which can be named ”continuum”. For ”to see” between past perfect ”seen” and future perfect ”seen” we have present perfect continuous ”seeing”. The time continuum is ”seeing”, with the role of designating the view function.

At every moment, the being is not in the past, but in the future that has not yet happened. Who can understand?

Sintetic and in other words. I called interior world the ANIMA (supernatural) and the external world which is the object of the senses NATURAL. Nothing exists if it does not get meaning in ANIMA and this mean commanding the body's reaction to the outside. Every living being possesses his own ANIMA, a ”dynamic construct”, built under a transcendent immanent and reflexive authority. The dynamic construct comprises a relatively stable part that improves normatively and is generated by the former objects of senses or perception of own. This first part combines for ”devolution”, and this operation is possible by using algorithms. These algorithms are the ones that allow for a correspondence between something best suited to the sentiment term and the PHI software. This step is called INDIVIDUALIZATION. Identifying the constituent elements of the dynamic construct is done by assigning a "sense palette" to each element. Once the INDIVIDUALIZATION has reached an acceptable stage, the PHI software may be enabled and then I say I have entered the ANIMATION stage.

Important Note: I'm asking for thousands of excuses for my minimal English knowledge.