In the second step, animation, after your death by will or even during your life, data about you collected through INDIVIDUALIZATION will be transmitted to us according to the instructions you receive. Once we receive the data, we attach this data to an artificial organism we created. This artificial organism is a computer program designed to simulate a being. Software name: PHI.

The software has to be tested and to do this we've found LUCA. Once the program receives the data, it will begin to manifest itself as the individualized person. I have to mention that every body has its own code indecipherable for another, but I think that this code can be observed and then reproduced by computer means. Artificial organism it has to be personalized for you and was not built using AI techniques, but a new ours AO technique (artificial organism).

Philosophically, we have an outer (natural) world and an inner (anima), the last set of concepts of the first. The inner world is coded and indescribable to another. It can be reconstituted, but not understood, because the information collected does not contain anything that specifies why things are so placed. However, it is possible to determine the way in which mental structures are placed and how they act, if we have a particular person's contest in the process. Once the process has reached an acceptable stage, we have a computer program which can be likened to manifestations like a the person. Enabled, the program will continue with the external environment similar to the person who was assimilated (animated). The computer program respects the person's emotions to the psychic objects. Each mental object is identified and valued emotionally. Valorisation is done using a scale of 10 points each divided into 10 subdivisions. This convention was based on social practices.

ANIMATION is not a process by which an artificial intelligence is created, as a mechanism for solving a need. ANIMATION can create an unwanted result, and once the program becomes autonomous, it must have limited means of action to the outside.

The reaction of the body to the stimulus of the external environment is a product of the psyche. An individual's psychic is a kind of construction, a dynamic one. Bricks are feelings and groups of feelings. Everything is focused on the fulfillment of four basic functions: continuity, contentment, perception, and universal connectivity. The most humble being has this purpose (x4). Once the psyche has been reasonably identified (INDIVIDUALIZATION), it is put into operation to achieve the PHI function (4x). External objects from the natural environment are identified as having significant potential. Once identified, they are retained in the concept and receive all possible values. Once the most significant value is retained, the reaction to the natural environment will be dictated accordingly. All operations can be done through PHI software.

The data that we collect through INDIVIDUALIZATION is like a photo but is a kind of software object. The software (PHI) is the same as the cover where you place these photos. The software also includes the principles of interaction of its objects. Nothing more complicated than a RTS computer game. But here it may be a little more complicated.