Ula Camping

Ula Camping is situated at the coast of Norway between Larvik and Sandefjord. It is known as a beautiful place with a lot of charm. In Ula you will find nice beaches, beautiful surroundings and many activities in its proximity. With its location it is a central gateway for many trips in the neightboorhood as well as nice trips to the many sights in Vestfold. There are no cars allowed on the grounds but there is a parking just outside the campground. We have nice places for your tent inbetween majestic pine treas just by the water. We also have a rental of a fully equipped Lavvo, or a nice motorhome. In additons we also have cabins for rent. We are open between may to september. (1.5-15.9). See contact information below.

Booking- cabins: E-post fin-trig@online.no or phone +4797546770 (pricelist)

Motorhome parking: Only in the harbour, automat by the red building no reservation required.

For tents, Lavvo and motorhome: E-mail: ulacamping@gmail.com or phone: +47 458 02 002 Our equipped Lavvo with 5 beds Kr. 500/night

Tents: Kr 200/night

Tents: Kr 1.000/week/6 nights

Season : Kr 4.400

Rent a mobilhome: Epost ulacamping@gmail.com phone +4745802002,

Caravans: Season only kr 10.000.


If you check visitvestfold you will see a lot to do and information about the area. The largest towns Larvik, Tønsberg, Sandefjord and Horten are all located along the coast, all within a short drive from Ula. Vestfold and Ula is easily reached by air, ferry and train. Flights to Oslo (Torp) take you to our regional Airport, just 10 kilometres outside Sandefjord. Color Line and Fjord Line run ferry lines between Hirtshals (DK) and Larvik as well as Strømstad (SE) and Sandefjord. There is also ferry between Horten and Moss, run by Bastø-Fosen.