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During the event, if there are any major changes, they will be listed at the TD desk. Updates may also be posted on the Regional Facebook groups.

20th March

We hope you all had a great weekend! Final standings, spirit results and lost property information can be found HERE.

Congratulations to UCL 1 for winning the event and to York 1 for taking home the Spirit of the Game award.

We look forward to seeing you again next year!

17th March

UXON St Andrews schedule update.

But first some reminders:

1. Please don't hang out in the sports centre reception. DRA cafe is big and warm and serving food 10:00-14:30. Hop over the gate next to Pitch 3.

2. Please do your spirit scores

OK - here is the update.

Sorry this took a while to figure out - but here is the updated schedule for tomorrow. We are not expecting to be able to be able to play on many of the grass fields, so we have re-organised to try to give most teams at least one game on the 3G pitch. Obviously it is not ideal.

If we find it becomes possible to play loads of extra games on the grass we will do so - but this is clearly looking unlikely.


Pitch Numbers:

1 & 2 are the two pitches on the rubber crumb.

3 & 4 are whichever are the best grass fields available at that time (we expect this to change). Please find one of the TDs at the rubber crumb pitch approx 30 mins before your game so that we can confirm which pitch to use.


All games except 1-4 semis and 1v2 final:

35 mins + 10 mins cap

First to 11, half at 6 (just change ends)

1 time-out per team per game, NOT during the cap

1-4 Semi-finals

45 mins + 15 mins cap

First to 13, half at 7

1 time-out per team per game, NOT duing the cap

1v2 Final

60 mins + cap (no hard cap)

First to 13, half at 7

1 time-out per team per half - can be taken anytime (including the cap)

16th March

UXON St Andrews. Please do not congregate and hang up gear in sports centre reception. Please use the PAVILION changing rooms or the David Russell Apartments cafe where you can also buy some hot food and drinks. Please help - we are driving sport centre staff crazy.

15th March

The schedule has now been published. Further details can be found HERE. Please make sure that you read the full announcement and keep an eye out for any further updates in case there are any changes that need to be made.

14th March

FORMAT/WEATHER ISSUES - Please read the full update here:

ALL teams need need to continue to assume and plan for the possibility that they are playing in the first gameslot at 9am.

20th February

We are happy to announce that we can accommodate ALL teams that requested accommodation for the weekend. More information can be found on the Accommodation page of the website.

11th January

Thanks for everyone's entries! The confirmed team list for the event can be found HERE.

8th January

Entries close on THURSDAY (10th Jan). Make sure that you get your team entered now if you haven't done so already. The details on how to enter have been posted on the Regional Facebook groups.

Not sure where to find your Regional Facebook group? Please email