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If changes are necessary (e.g. pitches out of action, or changes to cap rules in bad weather) we will also communicate them via the twitter account @UKUltimateEvent or you can pass by the TD desk regularly for any updates.

14th May

Looking forward to Nottingham Windfarm? Well you can get even more excited as there are more, great offers from Visit Nottinghamshire that you can use whilst you're in town! Check them out HERE.

1st May

The full list of confirmed teams has now been published. See the full announcement HERE.

24th April

Entries are now CLOSED! The full confirmed list of teams will be published soon so keep an eye out for updates.

6th March

The Early Bird team lists for both divisions are now confirmed and can be found HERE. If you haven't entered yet though, don't worry - you still have until the Closing Date to enter (24th April)!

28th February

Early Bird entries are now closed but remaining entries can now be submitted for the Tier 1 event and Tier 2 entries are NOW OPEN! Go to the GoMembership website to enter. The confirmed list of early bird entries will be published soon - keep an eye out for updates.

9th January

Early Bird entries now OPEN on the GoMembership website HERE! The Early Bird Deadline is 27th February (make sure you check out the full details of the new entry procedure - link below - before entering). The general Closing Date will be 24th April.

The list of Protected Teams for this event can be found on the UKU Event Page.

17th December

Entries for Nottingham Windfarm 2019 open on 9th January! Make sure that you familiarise yourself with the new entry process that's part of the new club outdoor competition structure before entering HERE.