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Important Updates

If there are any major changes during the event then they will be listed at the TD desk.

12th March

Thank you to everyone that attended CXIN 2019, we hope that you all had a great weekend! Congratulations to Danger! High Voltage for winning the event for the 4th year in a row, also to St Albans for winning Spirit of the Game.

The final standings can be accessed via the Full Schedule tab above and the Spirit results and breakdowns can be found HERE.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

10th March

1v2 FINAL - if you wish to watch the final, please sit behind the 2nd blue line away from the sideline of Pitch 2. Only players playing in the final should be on the Pitch 2 sideline.


We are running approx. 10 minutes behind schedule as there was an injury on Pitch 1 which delayed the start of one of the games. We will try to make up time in between games throughout the day so please clear the pitches as quick as possible at the end and be on the line at the start ready to play as soon as you can. Thank you!


Just a reminder to all teams - please keep the sidelines clear. Only water bottles should be on the sidelines during games. You can watch the games from the ends of the pitches or from the seating above the TD desk.


Don't forget to submit your spirit scores today! We are still missing quite a few from yesterday.

You HAVE to submit them by midnight tonight otherwise they will not be counted.

9th March

The BLACK lines are the sidelines and back endzone lines. The YELLOW line marks the front of the endzone.

Please use the semi-circle to the right hand side of the pitches or the changing rooms to store your bags.

The TD desk can be found on the 1st Level outside the entrance of the gym.

6th March

Please make sure that your team roster is up to date for the event on the GoMembership website. More info HERE.

4th March

The schedule is now CONFIRMED for this weekend. We look forward to seeing you there!

26th February

The DRAFT schedule is now available to view. Please see the tab above.

11th February

We are pleased to now CONFIRM the team list for the event. The full list can be found HERE.

1st February

Just 1 week until entries close! You can enter via the Events & Courses page on the GoMembership website now.

11th January

Entries NOW OPEN! Don't forget to enter before the deadline using the GoMembership website.

10th January

Entries for CXIN are open from tomorrow until Friday 8th February. Make sure that you keep an eye out for updates on the UKU website!