Kozak 30

Kyiv International School

Kozak 30

The #kozak30 is a daily block of time at Kyiv International School dedicated to student led activities and is used to promote student engagement in #masterylearning, #leadershipdevelopment and #extracurricularactivities.


Activities take place in a variety of settings including the new Student Center, the Old Gym, the Cage, the Blacktop, the Fitness Room, the Multi-Purpose Room, the Recording Studio, the Auditorium, and various other classrooms around campus.


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Secondary 30

For Secondary Students, #kozak30 is a time for to go slow, breathe and smile. What students chose to do is 100% driven by their interests and needs.

Student Driven Activities

While staff and members of the school community will lead some activities, a bulk of #kozak30 activities will be organized and led by secondary students themselves.


Monday through Friday: 11:21am to 11:51am

Staring in January 2019, Wednesdays will be dedicated to the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum.

Middle School 30

For Middle School Students, the focus of #kozak30 is on cultivating interest and skills in a wide range of activities.

Student Engagement

Middle School students spend two weeks at a time engaged in an activity in order to give them the opportunity to have a meaningful, in-depth experience.


Monday through Friday: 11:54am to 12:24pm