Lines of research

We are developing different lines of research within our group. Most of our studies combine task and resting-state fMRI measures, along with morphometry MRI.

We investigate about:

    • Bilingualism, brain and cognition
    • Neural Basis of learning, cognitive training and rehabilitation
    • Resting state MRI as a measure of experience
    • Multiple Sclerosis and cognitive training
    • Cognitive Neuroscience of Music
    • Reward sensitivity, punishment sensitivity and personality
    • Semantic system and Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Some of the software we use for data acquisition, image processing and result presentation:

  • Design and administration of useful procedures for fMRI to study different cognitive functions.
  • Analysis of fMRI data using various software programs (SPM, BrainVoyager, DTI studio, etc.).
  • Diverse use of software for results presentation.