A Welcome to Prospective Students

Dear Prospective Student,

Thanks for your interest in the University of Illinois Springfield Master of Public Health Program in the Department of Public Health. Our department offers both on-campus and online MPH degree programs. Moreover, there are 2 options for the MPH program:

  1. MPH General: An MPH - General (MPH) program with a strong interdisciplinary foundation for practice in public health.

  2. MPH Environmental Health: An MPH - Environmental Health (MPH-EH) program within which a student may choose to emphasize preparation in risk assessment, emergency preparedness, or environmental health policy. Our MPH-Environmental Health program (offered online and on-campus) is a STEM designated degree.

To see the full MPH curriculum, click here.

Requirements for the MPH Environmental Health Program include:

  • GPA - The ideal score will be greater than 3.0. Some exceptional students may be accepted with a lower GPA, however, specific conditions will be applied.

  • Three letters of recommendation on letterhead from employers, professional peers, or educators.

  • The 3-question MPH Academic Essay, two or more paragraphs per question are preferred.

  • Students are required to have 30 natural science credit hours (e.g., biochemistry, biology, math, calculus, physics, chemistry, etc.).

Requirements for the MPH General Program include:

  • GPA - the ideal score will be greater than 3.0. Some well-qualified applicants may be accepted with a lower GPA, however, specific conditions will be applied.

  • Three letters of recommendation on letterhead from employers, professional peers, or educators

  • A 3-question MPH Academic Essay, two or more paragraphs per question are preferred

MPH Program Application:

Applications are accepted online through https://apply.uis.edu/apply/ and require graduate student application form and fee, college/university transcripts, MPH academic essay, and letters of recommendation. Applications from foreign students require a demonstration of a high level of competence in English. MPH accepts applications at any time. The information about the application process can be accessed via the Graduate Education Website.

International Applicants (Click here for more info!)

We welcome applications from all over the world anytime. If you have more questions about applying to UIS MPH Program, please contact International Admissions.


Please choose the correct application type: "Transfer, Graduate & Non-Degree Application - for all other applicants seeking to enroll in coursework at UIS" through the https://www.uis.edu/apply webpage. For applicants that will require UIS to host an F-1 student visa, completed applications should be received 3 months prior to the intended enrollment date to accommodate necessary processing time and the issuance of the required Form I-20. Suggested primary review dates:

  • Fall Term (August) Advisory Deadline: June 1st

  • Spring Term (January) Advisory Deadline: November 1st

  • Summer Term (Athletic Training Only): April 1st

Suggested Deadlines are posted to help insure that admission can be completed and immigration documents prepared for students to take to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate in the home country to apply for a student visa in a timely manner.


Find more information about Admission Requirements for MPH program. As a narrative essay, use of the first person pronoun ‘I’ is welcomed. You can answer each question specifically in response to the topic presented. The essay should have a purpose and be organized with a clear point of view. The language should be appropriate for an academic audience.


Graduate application fees are $75 USD. Students should pay online when completing the application. Do not submit fees in cash or via wire. Please contact the Office of Admissions to keep up with the most up-to-date information.


Students who apply to the University of Illinois at Springfield on or after July 1, 2019, and have international academic records must arrange (at their expense) to have their record(s) evaluated by a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) member organization. The MPH Program prefers WES evaluations of international transcripts. If applicants submit other evaluations, applicants will be asked to submit supplemental material, such as syllabi from previous courses.


Information about scores and waiver criteria. See Official English Proficiency Score

Scholarship Opportunities:

  • Graduate Public Service Internship Program (GPSI) : The Office of Graduate Intern Programs, located within the Center for State Policy and Leadership, manages the GPSI Program for graduate students at UIS. If you need additional information, the director and staff welcome you to talk with them.​ The deadlines for Graduate Assistant and Graduate Public Service Program Internships are March 15 for the summer and fall semester admissions and the preceding October 15 for spring semester admissions. These options are for on-campus students, only. Online students, who will live within a commutable distance to Springfield for the duration of the internship, are welcome to apply for the GPSI program.

  • Graduate Assistantships: UIS Graduate Assistantships may be offered within graduate degree programs as well as within other units of the university. For all inquiries, please contact Graduate Assistantship Program at gaprog@uis.edu

  • Financial Aid: If you are a domestic student, the Office of Financial Assistance aspires to ensure access to and affordability of a UIS education. For assistance with financial aid questions, contact the Office of Financial Assistance at finaid@uis.edu

Alexandra Scherba - GPSI, MPA, and MPH Alum

University of Illinois Springfield: Christopher Vemagiri Marbaniang

Leadership lived: Geetu Sharma - GPSI and MPH Alum

Tuition Fee and Cost of Study:

For tuition fees, please refer to the UIS Tuition Calculation webpage, and make sure that you select the Graduate tab near the top (only 3 drop-down boxes). For example, based on the current tuition rate per hour on the UIS Tuition Calculator webpage, the tuition fee for the Online MPH Program (100% Online Courses) is around $20,957.20 (without counting the cost of textbooks and other miscellaneous items). The tuition fee for non-resident on-campus MPH students is around $39,997.20 (without the estimate of the cost of textbooks, housing, transportation, and other miscellaneous items).

This calculator provides an ESTIMATE of your total tuition, fees, and assessments. All amounts are SUBJECT TO CHANGE without advance notice. For official information, please visit the Tuition website and contact the Office of Records and Registration. You may also wish to review housing information and costs. The estimated total cost of attendance is located on the Financial Assistance website.

Length of the MPH Programs:

Our MPH programs (48 credit hours) can be completed in as few as 24 months on a full-time basis. Part-time students may take up to four to five years to finish their degrees. UIS Academic Calendars display the semester academic calendars.


On admission, each student is assigned an advisor to assist with academic planning. Students must prepare an educational plan before registering for courses in order to map out progress through the degree consistent with career and personal goals.

Course Transfer (MPH Program Only):

UIS may accept up to 12 semester hours of eligible graduate-level work completed at another accredited institution. However, only hours earned with a grade of B or better and accepted by your UIS academic program will be accepted. All transfer credit must be earned within 5 years of the first graduate course taken at UIS in pursuit of the degree/certificate. You may not have used the course for any other degree/certificate you hold. The faculty member who teaches the course will check the syllabus to assure the appropriateness of the transfer. There is no guarantee that any of your courses will transfer until the UIS Office of Registrar has approved. Syllabus and an official transcript will be required.

Course Waiver (MPH Program Only):

When you want to waive a course because you have already taken a similar course at the graduate level, and it is wrapped up in the completion of another degree, the course may be waived ONLY if you satisfy the instructor of record that you are competent in that area. Remember that a waiver does not award credit for the course(s); it only removes the affected courses from those that you need to complete. Students requesting consideration for a waiver of a required MPH course must submit a Student Petition Form, course syllabi, transcripts, or other documentation. Please note that there is no guarantee that any of your requests will be approved. The decision to grant a waiver is at the discretion of the department representative.

Graduate Certificates:

Our department offers five graduate certificates for specialized studies in public health. For more information and policy, please visit the Department of Public Health Certificates website. To apply for a graduate certificate, please download or fill out a university application found at Apply Now! and enter the requested information. Follow the instructions to apply for admission to the graduate certificate program. Please note that some certificates are not eligible for financial assistance. Please call the Office of Financial Assistance at (217) 206-6724 if you have questions.

For students who pursue a graduate certificate only, no transfer credits can be accepted toward the graduate certificates at UIS. All hours to be counted toward certificates must be completed at UIS.

The Office of Graduation Education at UIS also provides the FAQ webpage for prospective students. If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to email me at Brian.Chen@uis.edu. We look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Brian Chen