Julius Ross

I am a Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Previous I have had positions at The University of Cambridge, where I was among other things a Fellow at Sidney Sussex College, at Columbia University and at Princeton University.

I completed my doctorate degree at Imperial College, London under Richard Thomas and Simon Donaldson, and my undergraduate studies at New College, Oxford University under Wilson Sutherland.

Since Fall 2022 I am the Head of Department.

office: SEO 312 (Science and Engineering Offices)

address: Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago, 322 Science and Engineering Offices (M/C 249), 851 S. Morgan Street, Chicago, IL 60607-7045

e-mail: juliusro@uic.edu

telephone: (+1) 312-416-3044

pronouns: he/him

About the cover image: During my last year of graduate school I lived on the pictured street in Islington, across from the hair salon called “Theorem”. Even more amusing, the green building on the corner was a taxidermy called “Get Stuffed!”.