Project Files

Group Members

Jhon Nunez & Daisy Arellano

We separated the work into the following responsibilities.

For our Alpha project:

Jhon Nuñez:

  • Optimize space and interface for user
  • Created the stacked bar graphs for Daily tab
  • Created all line graphs for yearly tab
  • Adding all C level components other than map

Daisy Arellano:

  • Download data into app in an efficient way this included converting to fst files at first as that was our initial idea and also writing scripts to eliminate unnecessary columns and reduce data.
  • Begin to create the map for a C level grade on the project.
  • Upload to server

For our final project:

Jhon Nuñez

  • Created line graphs for Daily and Hourly tabs
  • Changed interface to be touchscreen compatible
  • Allowed for metric or empirical data conversion
  • Youtube Video:

Daisy Arellano

  • Worked with all map visualizations (A, B and C range maps)
  • Wrote more scripts and parsed through more data to finalize a product that could run on server without timing out
  • Worked on interface for Daily Tab
  • Created webpages