Project Files


You can download all project files here:

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You must have R and R Studio installed on your computer

‚Äč1. download and read in all of the daily_aqi_by_county files, annual_aqi_by_county files, and hourly Ozone, SO2, CO, NO2, PM2.5 FRM/FEM, PM10 mass files, as well as the hourly_WIND files, and the hourly_TEMP files for 2018 from 1990 to present

2. place the daily and annual files in the pre-processing/dailyData folder and the hourly files in the pre-processing/hourlyData folder

3. now that those files are in the correct paths, we can go to your dailyData directory and run the python script using command "python"

4. Now your dailyData folder should contain a dailyData.csv list but the columns that we will not be using will be gone thus shrinking our data

5. Change your directory in R to the dailyData folder

6. now you will run the outputBinary R script which will output a binary file containing all necessary information for our app. This should include yearly and daily data

7. Place the binary files in the same place as your app.R file for your project

8. Go to hourly data and run the script the same way you did dailydata

9. Your first script will give you an fst file and your second script should give you a binary file

10. Place the binary file in your app.R directory

11. Run our program in R the same way you would any other