Fall 2019

Classical Instrumental & Jazz Auditions

Welcome to a new semester at the University of Illinois at Chicago! This is information for all students of all majors at UIC who are interested in participating in UIC Bands, Jazz, Orchestra, and Chamber Music.

Everyone is welcome in an UIC instrumental ensemble. Auditions are not used to select players but to place students in the correct ensemble and to assign parts so that we can program the best music for each ensemble.

Auditions for will take place on August 26-28, Monday-Wednesday. The following is information regarding the audition procedure and ensemble placement. Please read carefully.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding:

The pages of the website are as follows:


Louis Bergonzi

Orchestra Director, Head of Music


312 996 8686

Nicholas Carlson

Assistant Director of Bands


312 996 5307

Jose 0. Riojas

Director of Bands


312 355 1699

Michael Stryker

Director of Jazz Studies


312 996 2977