Graduate Research Opportunities for Women 2021

Friday October 15 - Sunday October 17

The GROW 2021 conference is aimed at women and non-binary undergraduate students who may be interested in pursuing a graduate degree in the mathematical sciences. The conference is open to undergraduates from U.S. colleges and universities, including international students.

The conference will feature

  • lectures

  • panel discussions about graduate research in the mathematical sciences

  • networking opportunities

  • advice on preparing applications for graduate school

Plenary Speakers

Niall Mangan (Northwestern)

Yaiza Canzani (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Brooke Shipley (University of Illinois at Chicago)


Betsy Stoval
(University of Wisconsin)

Keri Sather-Wagstaff
(Clemson University)

Fernando Guevara Vasquez (University of Utah)

Jacqueline Hughes-Oliver
(North Carolina Stat University)

Nsoki Mamie Mavinga
(Swarthmore College)

Ayse Sahin
(Wright State University)

Logistics and Schedule

The event will be held at the University of Illinois East Campus. This will be a hybrid event that will allow for both in-person and remote attendance.

The full schedule along with meeting locations can be found here.

The organizing committee consists of Julius Ross (UIC), Will Perkins (UIC), Dima Sinapova (UIC), Laura Schaposnik (UIC), Mimi Dai (UIC) and Bryna Kra (Northwestern) We also have a scientific committee that includes the organizing committee as well as Irina Nenciu (UIC), Yichao Wu (UIC) and Jeremy Tyson (UIUC).


Registration is now closed. If you still want to participate virtually in this event please contact the organizers by emailing

GROW 2021 is organized in Cooperation with AWM and supports the Welcoming Environment Statement of the Association for Women in Mathematics.