Photo by Shijie Shang, photo of photo by Wenyu Jin

I am a graduate student at the University of Illinois at Chicago studying algebraic geometry. My advisor is Izzet Coskun. My CV can be found here.

Contact: My office is SEO 518, my email is: bgould3 [at] uic [dot] edu

Things of the past: The Midwestern Algebraic Geometry Graduate Conference (MAGGC) 2020 was held online on May 2. I organized it with Greg Taylor and Austyn Simpson. You can find the slides from the talks given on the conference website.

My identical twin brother David is a Ph.D student in Germanic studies at Indiana University.


  • Higher rank Brill-Noether theory on P^2 (with Yeqin Liu and Dorian Woo-Hyung) (arXiv)

28 pages. Preliminary version. Comments welcome!

Graduate activities at UIC

Please let me know if you would like to participate in any of these ongoing graduate seminars in algebraic geometry.