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Who came on top in the post graduation studies ?

Graduates of department of law at University of Human Development invade the first positions amongst the candidates for post graduation studies in University of Sulaimani.

Today the names of the candidates for post graduation studies for 2017 was revealed at University of Slemani.

Amongst the great number of candidates, students of University of Human Development came on top list amongst those participants at both private and public law.

In this concern, do you know if College of Law, Dr. Kan'an Hama-Gharib Abdulla congratulated those students on behalf of the teachers of the latter college.

سانا کمال حسین- یەکەمی یاسای تایبەت

محسن جبار- یەکەمی یاسای گشتی

خالد خورشید –دوەمی یاسای تایبەت

سیروان عوسمان- سێیەمی یاسای گشتی