Building Beyond Borders is a cross-border learning platform to enhance knowledge and push action towards regenerative and distributive design and building processes

With its postgraduate certificate, hands-on workshops, bi-annual fall symposium, master design studio, research and internships, Building Beyond Borders offers a wide variety of learning moments to students, professionals and other interested alike.

International collaboration to exchange skills and visions is key to this platform. Focus is on responsible ways of building, within a context of scarce resources and lo-tech approach, aiming for a positive environmental impact and high social return.

With its unique pedagogical approach and civic ambition, Hasselt University's Faculty of Architecture and Arts makes the perfect home for Building Beyond Borders.



Architecture of Extr-a-ction

Exploring the regenerative and distributive potential of urban harvesting

Lionel Billiet (Rotor)

Nicolas Coeckelberghs (BC Materials)

Stephan Kampelmann (Sonian Wood Coop)

Tuesday April 20, 2021

7:30 PM (CET)

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Staycation in the city

parallel design Studio BXL-HCMC

international workshop week

exchange of projects

March 28 - April 02, 2021

1st fall symposium 2020

Reflecting on the dynamisms of intercultural collaboration in build projects

Proceedings are available!

We hope to welcome you all to the next edition in 2022.

March 10, 2021

Global Strategies

for Local Tourism

Parallel design studio Global Perspectives' international workshop week with students from Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Korea and Belgium

March 01-05, 2021

Praktijkgidsen Kalkhennep

VLAIO-TETRA-project Kalkhennep

Lime hemp: design support, guidelines and constructional details for the Flemish context
Praktijkgidsen en onderzoeksrapportWebinars3D-bouwdetails
Projectresultaten nu hier beschikbaar !
in Dutch

The Women's House in Ouled Merzoug published in ArchDaily, Archello, Designboom, Dezeen, Divisare and Green magazine