Stone Bridge Middle School Band


The Stone Bridge Middle School band program is open to all students in grades 6, 7, and 8. Students in band have class before school (as a full group) and lessons during the school day (small group pull-outs). Students perform several times a year, are eligible to go on band field trips, and can participate in the Summer Band program as well.

What is Band?

A band is a team of musicians. Each member of the team is dedicated to learning their instrument and brings their skills and enthusiasm to the group. Band is made up of woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments (no strings or piano). Band is just one type of music ensemble among many, but it is an awesome one -- one that is powerful and rich and full of interesting and beautiful possibilities.

Who can be in Band?

ANY student can join. Everyone is a beginner and you don't need to have prior experience. If you already have experience on a non-band instrument, you can learn a new instrument and use all the knowledge you already have.

What does is take to be successful in Band?

It takes a few things, but every student can develop these:

* A love of music.

* Regular practice at home.

* A desire to do your very best.

* A desire for your group to be successful.

* Patience. Learning an instrument takes time!

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