Ad Book Campaign

Redbird Band Advertising Campaign

Coming Winter 2020-2021

Click Here for Official Form to use for Sales

This is one of the most important fund raising events of our year. It gives the students an opportunity to earn money for future trips. This year the students can earn 90% of the cost of the ad, which would be deposited into their band account. The ads will be incorporated in the Spring Concert program, as well as the “On the Town” venue program. You can approach large businesses, local businesses, restaurants, realtors, professionals, friends and family. We will accept advertising in addition to well wishes. This is a great way for Grandma and Grandpa to send their best wishes to a favorite band member or a local business to advertise. These ads are tax deductible because we are a non-profit organization. (This is a nice selling point).

The Details:

All we need is a clear picture, artwork, business card or personalized note. We can enlarge it to whatever size ads they purchase, but it comes out much better if they give you the ad in the size they are purchasing. Please tell them not to write on the ad. PDF copies of Ads are best and should be emailed to If not PDF, then ORIGNALs are much better than copies – DO NOT STAPLE

We are selling the following ads: $25-Well wishes-1/8 page $50-quarter page

$100-half page

$200-full page

$300-covers (Back and inside)

Attached you will find an order sheet. You will need one for EACH ad sold, so feel free to make several copies. Complete the form and staple the check, along with the artwork or business card to the order form.

Please put your completed order forms, ad info and checks in Lori Feibus’s mailbox in the band office as you collect them.

No orders will be accepted after _______________

Please contact Lori Feibus with any questions (