Florida 4-H
Chick Chain


Join 4-Hers from our 16 county Northwest Extension district and learn how to raise and care for chickens. At the end of the project, there's a district show where you'll show off your birds and everything you've learned.

This site will help you throughout your project. If you would like a printed copy of the Youth Project Guide, ask your 4-H Agent to make you a copy.

You'll keep a record book throughout your project. This is where you'll record information about your birds, how much you feed them, expenses, and other project details. You'll need to print your record book. If you need it printed for you, your 4-H Agent can do that, too. Record books are located on the menu bar above.

Take pictures throughout your project to document how your chicks change. Enter your best pictures in our 4-H Chick Chain photography contest.

2021-2022 Breeds

  • Cochins

  • Delaware

  • Leghorn

  • Orpington (any variety)

  • Plymouth Rock

  • Rhode Island

  • Sussex

  • Novelty/All Other Breeds

Project Timeline

  • August 23-September 30, 2021

  • October 2021

    • Read all about Care & Nutrition

    • Purchase or hatch your own chicks - begin with at least three

    • Print your Record Book or save it to your Google Drive

    • Begin entering information as soon as you purchase or hatch your chicks.

  • November 2021

    • Read all about Record Books and watch video

  • December January & February 2022

    • Read all about showmanship and watch videos

    • Read all about the skill-a-thon

  • January 2022

    • Attend Chick Chain Showmanship workshops in your 4-H District or virtually.

    • Practice skill-a-thon topics

    • Practice showmanship

February 2022

    • Q & A Webinar

    • Practice skill-a-thon topics

    • Practice showmanship

  • March 12, 2022

    • The Northwest 4-H Chick Chain Show at the Jackson County Ag Center - Highway 90, Marianna