LSFA 2023

18th Logical and Semantic Frameworks with Applications

1-2 July 2023, Rome


The 18th International Workshop on Logical and Semantic Frameworks, with Applications (LSFA) is a satellite event of the 8th International Conference on Formal Structures for Computation and Deduction FSCD 2023 (co-located with CADE 2023) to be held in Rome, Italy, from July 3 to July 6, 2023.

Logical and semantic frameworks are formal languages used to represent logics, languages and systems. These frameworks provide foundations for the formal specification of systems and programming languages, supporting tool development and reasoning. 

The aim of this series is bringing together theoreticians and practitioners to promote new techniques and results, from the theoretical side, and feedback on the implementation and use of such techniques and results, from the practical side. LSFA includes areas such as proof and type theory, equational deduction and rewriting systems, automated reasoning and concurrency theory.

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