2024 Domestic Violence Solutions Conference
September 4th- 6th, 2024
There will be 17 CEUs* available for this conference!
* with options for more 


Sowing Seeds of Change: Cultivating Safe & Supportive Generations through Trauma-Informed Approaches

Our annual DV Solutions Conference is dedicated to exploring effective strategies for interrupting intergenerational domestic violence through trauma-informed practices in advocacy and intervention. We meticulously curate our keynotes and sessions by integrating survey results, 2023 evaluation findings, emerging trends, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Our conference addresses essential and interconnected topics within a social justice framework, aiming to tackle interpersonal violence comprehensively. Each year, our focus extends to serving the entire family unit, encompassing children, survivors, individuals impacted by violence, and those who use violence. We prioritize amplifying the voices of those affected by violence and offer solution-focused strategies and interventions that promote healing, resilience, trust, safety, and transparency. Through these efforts, we aim to foster healthy relationships, homes, and communities.

What to Expect?
Over the course of three days, our interdisciplinary collaboration will focus on SAMHSA's trauma-informed principles aiming to serve the entire family impacted by violence. More information to come soon!   

Keynote Speaker: TBD

On the second day of the conference, More to come! 

Keynote Speaker: 

Yes! We will have 17 CEUs credits available which will include 2 opportunities for attending a suicide prevention and ethics 

This conference will be a virtual event held on Zoom.

Keynote Speakers: 

Day 1: TBD

Bio coming soon

Day 2: TBD

Bio coming soon

Day 3: TBD

Bio coming soon