2023 Domestic Violence Solutions Conference
September 6th- 8th, 2023
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Uplifting and centering voices to encourage children, individuals & families to build trust, safety and create healthy relationships, homes, and communities.

The aim of our combined annual DV Solutions Conference is to explore ways to interrupt intergenerational domestic violence with trauma-informed practices in advocacy and intervention modalities. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and based on survey results, we resolved to focus on addressing the following selection of SAMHSA’s trauma-informed principles; Transparency, Trust & Safety.

These topics are each uniquely important and interwoven into how we collectively address interpersonal violence within a social justice framework. This year we will be focusing on serving the whole family (children, survivors/those impacted by violence, and those that use violence). We aim to do this by uplifting and centering the voices of those impacted by violence. A central focus in achieving this goal will be to offer solution-focused strategies & interventions that will encourage healing through building resiliency, trust, safety, transparency and create healthy relationships, homes, and communities.

SAMHSA's Focus Areas:

Focus on strengthening attendees' understanding of creating safe spaces in various different aspects of the work. Throughout the organization, staff and the people they serve, whether children or adults, feel physically and psychologically safe; the physical setting is safe and interpersonal interactions promote a sense of safety. Understanding safety as defined by those served is a high priority.

Concentrates on the importance of fostering empowerment-based frameworks in our provision of services and support for providers. This practice promotes healthy cultures which lead to environments where empowerment, voice, and choice become core values within our agencies. 

Trustworthiness and Transparency:
Organizational operations and decisions are conducted with transparency with the goal of building and maintaining trust with clients and family members, among staff, and others involved in the organization.

This conference will be a virtual event held on Zoom.

Keynote Speakers:
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