Mithun Deb

Center for Applied Coastal Research

University of Delaware

Hello ...

I am Mithun Deb, PhD student and Graduate research assistant working at the Center for Applied Coastal Research, University of Delaware. I am interested in coastal engineering and modeling works, and currently involved in multiple government and state agency funded coastal hazard related projects in the State of Delaware.

CACR, UDel faculty and students (Year: 2018)

I am enthusiastic and passionate about Ocean and Coastal modeling works. I am from Bangladesh, a beautiful; however, extremely susceptible country for coastal disasters. It is one the major factors that always drive my fascination toward coastal hazard related studies. I dream about contributing my expertise and knowledge to the people living in disaster-prone areas. Currently, I am working at the Center for Applied Coastal Research, University of Delaware as a research assistant under the supervision of Dr. James Kirby and following a Doctoral degree. My ongoing research work involves field data processing, and hydrodynamic and wave modeling on the salt marshes in Delaware Bay. The study employs field measurements, data analysis, and numerical modeling in an effort to estimate the long-term potential for wind wave-driven shoreline erosion and resulting enlargement of the tidal flats. We are also investigating the impact of historical modifications to the greater wetland system and a range of possible remedial steps to restore a healthier marsh environment. In addition, I am working on a project that includes a multi-scale and multi-model approach to assessing the impact of significant waves to the coastal structures in the Bethany Beach, DE. At the beginning of my researcher life, I have worked with Dr. Celso Ferreira at George Mason University and received an MS degree in Civil Engineering (Water Resources). Our main interests included storm surge modeling in the Bay of Bengal (Bangladesh) and the Chesapeake Bay, and assessment of land cover effects on coastal inundation. Lastly, I am a proud alumnus of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology from where I started my journey and dream.