Deep Learning Nanodegree Phase 2 Scholarship

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Please note: This is the official site for all students in the Phase 2 Deep Learning Nanodegree Scholarship from Facebook. This site is not for students enrolled in Udacity's "Intro to Deep Learning with PyTorch" free course or paying students in Udacity's Deep Learning Nanodegree.

Are you ready to JAM?!

The first Study Jam of Phase 2 kicks off at 12:01AM PT on Saturday, February 2.

Need help in your coursework? Check out the calendar to see which of your peers will be live in #ama_sessions on Saturday, or review the Study Jam sign-up!


You have worked incredibly hard over the past two months, and your dedication, engagement, and passion truly stood out! We are so thrilled to welcome you into the Phase 2 community, and cannot wait to see what this inspiring group of scholars continues to achieve!

Keep going, scholars!

You've started Phase 2 with a bang, and let's keep the momentum going! Set ambitious goals early on in your Nanodegree to get ahead of schedule, and see some tips to the left that were contributed by your peers in this community and complied into an infographic by @yemi and @rachael!

Want to stay extra engaged with peers?

Check out these community initiatives to collaborate, challenge yourselves, and stay motivated!

Apply to be a Student Leader

Just like in Phase 1, we are looking for support from Student Leaders! SLs can lead channels or initiatives like Study Jams, and being an SL is a great way to stretch your leadership muscles! This is open to everyone, regardless of whether you were an SL in Phase 1.

For Phase 2, you have the option of signing up to be a Student Leader for half the program or the whole program- it’s up to you! This is a great option for someone who wants to take on some additional responsibility, but isn’t sure if they can commit to the whole four months.

Join/form a study group

Just like in Phase 1, we have a Google sheet where you can add your study groups and find existing groups to join. If you want to continue in your group from Phase 1, then GREAT, and please still add your group to THIS SPREADSHEET. If you want to switch things up and join/start a new group, then also GREAT!! This is a perfect time to get to know some of your other peers that you might not have had a chance to interact with in Phase 1.

Phase 2 Orientation

Join Chaitra and Kathleen as they review all of the key information you need to start out your Deep Learning Nanodegree on the right foot! In this 30-minute video, we discuss:

  • Project submission and reviews
  • Udacity's academic honesty and plagiarism policies
  • Phase 2 resources and community initiatives

View the slides from Orientation here!

Deep Learning Nanodegree Scholarship Timeline:

  • Course start date: Tuesday, January 22, 2019 [7am PT]
  • First AMA Session: Wednesday, January 23, 2019 [9am PT]
  • Final course deadline: Wednesday, May 22, 2019 [11:59pm PT]

Key Links and Resources: