Name: Mrs. Laura Burkhour

School: Academy for Information Technology

Subjects: Early American Literature and AP Research

Office Hours: sixth period

Location: Bistocchi Hall, Room 614

Email: lburkhour@ucvts.org

Telephone Number: (908) 889-8288, extension 417

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Parents and guardians can monitor their child's academic progress via PowerSchool. Mrs. Burkhour communicates with students about coursework issues and carbon copies parents on these communications, but contacts parents directly in extenuating circumstances like behavior issues or impending course failure. Parents and guardians are encouraged to reach out to the teacher with any questions or concerns they have about their child's academic progress, and Mrs. Burkhour gladly will discuss the matter.

English 2 - Early American Literature is an honors level language arts literacy course designed to encourage independent learning; foster sophisticated critical thinking, research, and writing skills; and hone public speaking abilities. Students will analyze a variety of works that represent the cultures present in American society from precolonial settlers to Westward expansion and evaluate how they inform the mindsets of contemporary Americans. In other words, this course focuses on developing language arts literacy skills essential for success in the 21st century collegiate and work environments. The policies outlined in the course policies and expectations document were designated to help students focus and engage in learning. The teacher uses Google Classroom to organize the virtual components of the course: A-Day class code pkteve and B-Day class code sffgjg.

AP Capstone - Research is an advanced placement class that equips students with the independent Research, teamwork, and communication skills that are increasingly valued by colleges and industry. Building on skills learned in AP Capstone - Seminar, students cultivate a sense of curiosity, independence, and collaboration that prepares them to make logical, evidence-based decisions and effectively communicate them verbally and in writing. Students explore a vocational topic, problem, or issue of individual interest by planning, designing, conducting, and reflecting on a year-long research-based investigation to address a gap they identified in the relevant peer-reviewed literature. Throughout the process, students will learn about and employ ethical research practices as well as access, analyze, and synthesize information as they address their Research questions. Students also explicitly reflect on their experiences so as to learn from them. This is a student-centered course where students take ownership of their own learning experience to foster a sense of personal initiative needed to succeed in college and industry. The teacher serves merely as an academic mentor who provides guidance. Students must secure an expert adviser to provide additional discipline-specific advice. Students are to maintain regular contact with these support systems so as to hone their work to maximize its efficacy and relevance. The policies outlined in the course syllabus were designated to help students focus and engage in learning while complying with College Board rules. The teacher uses Google Classroom to organize the virtual components of the course: class code 3oyx96x.


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